Swirl Nails Tutorial

You Will Need:
- Two polishes of your choice
- Toothpick
- A plastic surface ( saran wrap or a plastic bag)*

Steps : 
Step 1.
Pick your polishes and get a toothpick ready
Step 2. 
Spread out saran wrap or a plastic bag over a hard surface. I suggest you duct tape it in place so it doesn't move and ruin your polish while it's drying. Put a dab of the base polish and then a dab of the tip polish on top of it. You should make the whole dab more or less the size of your nails.
Step 3. 
Take your toothpick and swirl away! 
Step 4.
Well this is the part you need patience for : Let your swirl dry overnight, then using a toothpick or your nail, detach it from your plastic.
Step 5.
Put a base coat on your nail and BEFORE IT DRIES put the swirl on your nail. It will probably not fit perfectly so you can cut and bend it into shape. It also might be too small on the sides but that doesn't matter, it's really easy to fix!
Step 6.
After you've cut and formed your swirl transfer into shape, correct the edges with polish. Like you can see in the picture, the bottom ended up being uncovered, so I just put some extra pink polish where needed.

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