How to do a Missoni-inspired Manicure

Steps :
  1. In broad, even strokes, apply a thin layer of any base coat you like.
  2. Use a thin art-store brush to apply your first chevron shape. Choose a nude polish to serve as an outline for your other stripes. If you mess-up the line, a nude shade will be easier to fix than a brighter color.
  3. Paint on adjacent stripes with your various colors. It might look a little splotchy and uneven at this stage, but don't worry about those details yet you're just priming the design!.
  4. make the stripes point in opposite directions on each hand.
  5. Paint the last two colors on the cuticle and raw edge of the nail. don't worry about minor mistakes, you'll clean those up later.
  6. Go over your stripes again, taking care to create an even opaque line.
  7. Clean up excess polish on the sides of your nails and make any final touches.
  8. Since the stripes are so close together, give your nails an extra 15 minutes of drying time before applying the top coat, otherwise the colors will bleed.
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