Nails Fancy Tapes Tutorial

Steps :
  • 1 : First, paint your tape and then get some decorative edge scissors.
  • 2 : Paint your nails while you wait for your tape to dry.
  • 3 : When your tape and your nails are both dry, take your scissors and snip the edge of the tape - and then move your scissors a bit until it makes the design that you want, and again, cut it.
  • 4 : Be careful - cutting these can be a bit tricky, you actually want to use the sharpest part of your scissors.
  • 5 : Anyway, stick that on to your nail - I find it best when the nail polish is dry but still a bit soft, as it doesn't make much of a protrusion.
  • 6 : Snip the excess, top it off with a top coat and then you're done! Easy as pie.

Source : Nail Polish: Fancy Schmancy Nails

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