Ombre Nails Manicure

  • PAINT – Paint on your base colour. In this tutorial we will be using black. As with any nail polish, make sure to paint on thin layers & allow it to dry between coats.
  • LET DRY – Wait for your nails to dry. Go write a blog post or comment on some Chictopia entries ;)
  • TEAR – Tear off a small piece of your makeup sponge to use as your “brush”
  • PICK UP – Pick up a tiny amount of your second nail polish colour on your makeup sponge. If you have too much, dab the excess onto a paper towel
  • DAB – Carefully dab a very thin layer of your second colour on the tip of your nail. The trick is to use the second colour sparingly & make sure not to be too heavy handed with the application.
  • BUILD – Build more colour at the tips of the nails by dabbing more nail polish on. Don’t worry too much about texture from the sponge, but make sure to allow the first layer to dry before building on more colour. You want most of the concentration of the colour to be at the very tip of your nail
  • CLEAN – Use a cotton swab and some nail polish remover to clean up any excess nailpolish that missed your nails!
  • TOPCOAT – Use a fastdry topcoat to finish your nails off!
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